JeffreYumol releases Snail Mail

After the success of his debut album “Please”, hiphop artist JeffreYumol is back with a sophomore full length album called “Snail Mail”. The new album set to be released on July 27 2010 contains products of collaborative works with several artists including Rain Mayo, Kuyakurt of the Blue Martian Cookies, and a lot more. The album is still released under Downorth Records with the distribution help of Indiepinoy.¬† A lot has developed since his last release, according to the artist who engineers, mix, and produces his own album. JeffreYumol who also won the grand prize at the GMA7′s songwriting contest for the TV show Diva, has created a lot of new materials from life experiences. He has also developed¬† the quality of recording, compositions and the whole packaging of himself as an artist in this new album. You can catch updates on this album by tuning in to the Nursery Rhyme which goes live every Mon-Fri 7pm at

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