New Radiopilipinas Facebook Application

We have recently finished coding the Radiopilipinas Facebook Application. Now you can listen to radiopilipinas even without leaving facebook. All you have to do is visit this link  To comeback anytime check the Radiopilipinas Connect on your applications list from your account tab. Do click on profile beside the radiopilipinas connect to put a shortcut link on your main page for easier access.

We reccomend that you add the radiopilipinas connect as a tab on your profile page. To do this simply go to your profile, click on the + beside your wall – info – photos – and other tabs. Choose Radiopilipinas Connect. This way you can share with your friends the radiopilipinas application link.

With the facebook application you can listen to our live radio stream, view what is currently playing and what show is on and interact thru our meebo chat. We also suggest that you connect to us by commenting on this blog thru your facebook account (allow connection).  For full access to our site you may always want to visit our website at

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