Indiepinoy Reacts to statement of OPM Officer

In a recent official statement released by indiepinoy to the press, the music company reacts to a statement of Dingdong Avanzado, corporate secretary of Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit. Mr Avanzado cited during the press launch of  Kulturang Lahi Inuuna Ko (KLIK), local songwriters are not creating original filipino music these days due to  the domination of foreign music in media and music market.  Indiepinoy disagrees with the statement by showing  more than a thousand artists in its network actively recording, distributing and performing original filipino music in the part two years. The statement of Mr. Avanzado shows a myopic point of view of the music industry according to Indiepinoy.

“How can these leaders get the support from the Filipino artists if they do not even know the real situation and do not recognize the existence of a large number of independent Filipino artists in the music industry. ” Nolit Abanilla, Indiepinoy president explains in its official statement.”

“The major players in the music industry should regain the trust from the large community of Filipino artists. And for this to happen, they should address the real issues of providing support to the real Filipino artist, giving them venues for their songs to be heared to a broader audience via existing commercial media, providing them proven effective distribution channels and other major machineries in the music industry. Only then can they realize the participation of the Filipino artist in their programs of developing the music industry in the country.” the statement concludes addressing its concerns to OPM.

Radiopilipinas tried to gather a counter reaction by Dingdong Avanzado and other officers of OPM but could not reach them as of press time. The entire Indiepinoy statement is posted in the Indiepinoy website at and at its official facebook page.

4 Responses to “Indiepinoy Reacts to statement of OPM Officer”

  1. leo fantone says:

    ang corny nya no pki tanong nga kung ilan songs na ang nagagawa ng baduy na yan!!!hehehe mr.randolf fantone (filscap)


    * The Real Issues:

  3. …therefore all these Made in the Philippines foreign music are OPM, since these local labels and PARI sell them as Original, Proudly Pinoy Made, and it is Music…

  4. - Contrary to what some people are saying that there is a lack of local songwriting and a flood of foreign titles in the local market,.. there is no such flood of foreign titles – they are all locally made – as local as any local songwriter who benefits from being a local nationality. Fact is, there is not a single imported title from any of these local dummy double-faced labels. I’m not really so sure about a shortage of solo singers, but for bands, there surely is no shortage:

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