Kuyakurt - This eccentric dj of the afternoon show "The Psychedelic Snail Show " can tickle your fancy with witty antics. This guy believes that the Philippines has a wide pool of talents when developed and nurtured will create a strong cultural stability that will entice the people to deliver the country out of financial misery. Kuyakurt is the founding member of radiopilipinas and also heads the songwriters philippines.

See the latest on Wadapakishdish 3pm - 5pm daily

DJ Angela - She is the softspoken dj of the morning show called "It's All About Music". Angela has a wide collection of qoutes and uplifting messages that will greet your mornings with a smile and a light heart enough to make your day happy. She can accomodate a variety of requests not only on music but advices on personal problems, specially those involving the heart.

See the latest on It's All About Music 9am -10am daily

Nolit - He has been in the music business for over 20 years. Growing up from heavy metal, new wave, glam rock, new age, pop to classical, nolit has an open mind when it comes to music. A musician himself, he knows the struggle of every artist in making their music heared. Nolit is dedicated in helping the filipino musicians especially the independent artists, providing venues for them to channel their music to the audience. Nolit runs the morning show "Kapeng Mainit".

See the latest on Kapeng Mainit 8am - 9am daily

Wayne - He runs a variety show called "stay" catering to a people who dig the hip of alternative music both local and foreign. They guys is a singer himself, having been thru several bands from the boyband DNA with Erik Santos to his current pop alternative band muffin. In his show you will witness a contagion of music that made history.

See the latest on Stay 1pm -3pm daily

Chitols - Administering the site bahista.com led chitols to dj a daily hour show for the filipino bassist. A bassist himself, he knows what his contituents wants to hear. He believes that the bass as an instrument plays an important part in a band and can speak for himself in music. The bass hour continues to encourage filipino musicians to further their craft in music. The show opens our eyes of the filipino bassists are not far left behind the international scene and hopes to deliver to the world that we are at par with the world's greatest bassists.

See the latest on The Bass Hour 5pm -6pm daily

Nato - Nato who is also the secretary general of Bayan came from a cultural group during his college days in UP. He has a strong interest in music and is exposed to various genre. The Mass Line is his radio show on Radiopilipinas. It is best described as the show that plays progressive music for and from the people. Most of the music on his show has lyrical content that reflect the sentiments of the people and entice them to take social action.

See the latest on The Mass Line 6pm -7pm daily

JeffreYumol - JeffreYumol heads downorth records, an independent record label that caters to pinoy hip hop artists in the Philippines as well as abroad. His show on radiopilipinas features pinoy rap and hiphop artists both old and new as well as upcoming artists from all over the globe. JeffreYumol also has his own albums released and played on radiopilipinas.

See the latest on Pinoy Hiphop 7pm -8pm daily

DJ M - a call center agent whom takes art and music seriously. She loves music so much that's why she produce gigs nowadays. Metal scene has always been amazing to her. Hearing heavy-driven chords, loud music and more has always influenced her life. Filipinometal.com who started a mission entitled "No To Scums" gave her a thought that the scene nowadays are not like 5 years ago. DJ M dedicates this show to all Metal heads, Bands; not only metal but all genres; so that they would hear what can we do to make our scene here more enthusiastic than ever. In this show you'll hear live interviews with metal bands, pre-recorded interviews at Major Metal Events and DJ M assures you that we will enjoy this show.

See the latest on Filipino Metal 8pm -9pm daily

DJ Peenai - Deejay Peenai . she is a native new yorker with a filipino family. She hosts the RadioPilipinas weekly countdown which features the top ten songs on radiopilipinas for the week. At a young age of 18, she has been exposed to a lot of pinoy music thru the internet and has been on with radiopilipinas for several years now. A lot of people has been criticizing her voice which sounds robotic. But according to her, she tries her best not to put any emotions in her deejaying so as not to be bias to any artist on the countdown.

See the latest on The weekly Countdown 12nn -1pm daily

DJ Jeanni - is the most admired shock-jock of the midnight show Jazz Easy. She is taking up a diploma in music at the UP College of Music as an Asian Music Major. She is a very brilliant jazz pianist/vocalist who can also play the violin, kulintang and the chinese ehru. She also writes her own songs and is an active member of Songwriters Philippines. If you have the ravenous desire for jazz, soul and easy listening music, then you should listen and prepare to be captivated with DJ Jeanni's sensuous and kneecap-melting voice.

See the latest on Jazz Easy - 11pm-1am - Tue and Thurs

Judith - is an IT techie bassist and has nothing to do with DJ-ing. A neurotic tandem with Bojo B., Wanbol Nights is a wild show to catch from now on. Name it, politics, showbiz, school, icons, bands, culture, religion, and community - talking about anything interesting under the sun is definitely the edge of the show. Wanbol Nights is apparently the top rated online radio show on their timeslot.

See the latest on Wanbol Nights - 9pm-10pm – daily

Cool Carla - is self Employed. Worked for radio stations DWXB 102.7, DWLA 105.9, and again DWXB 102.7 Internet Radio. She was a band member (vocalist/songwriter) for IDENTITY CRISIS, LOKAL BROWN, MARIYA'S MISTRESS. She was a Record Producer for ED FORMOSO PRODUCTIONS. Currently She is a Personal Chef running her own partial catering business, specializing in Brazilian Cuisine. The Chill Out Sessions is served with extra flavor for maximum relaxation and grooves. Featuring music of such genres: Chill Out + Downtempo + Lounge + Lo-Fi + Ambient + Deep House + Trip Hop + Electro Bossa + Nu Jazz + Dub + Electro Pop + Bossa Nova + Balearic + Latin + Future Jazz + Shoegaze

See the latest on Chill Out Sessions - 3am-5am – daily

DJ IQ - is a solo musician who knows how to play almost everyy instrument in the planet. He has recorded several solo projects mostly in the ambient and electro genre. He has an extensive network with indie music from all over the globe and is currently working on a network that will pave the way for a smoother promotion and distribution of indie music globally. Featured in his show are music from all countries of the world.

See the latest on Planet Indie - 1pm-2pm – daily

DJ Leo - a lawyer with decorated honors in his sleeves, DJ leo is also an internet radio dj for several shows overseas. He is running barely legal to share his knowledge on the law and give legal advises to all the listeners. Along with discussions are great music from the heart which will surely catch your attention and bring you to bliss.

See the latest on Barely Legal - 9pm-10pm – Saturdays and Sundays

Mina Garcia - Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino (LINANGAN) is a non-stock and non-profit institution that engages in cultural studies and research on Philippine art and culture. LINANGAN advocates for a progressive and nationalist-oriented culture. LINANGAN aims to rally the people for the propagation of a nationalist, scientific and mass culture.

Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino (LINANGAN) is anchored by Mina Garcia, a singer, a songwriter, a stage performer and a Human Rights Advocate. Mina believes that culture plays an important role in shaping people’s mind. Now, Filipinos go with the flow to whatever is popular in the world. We are consistently succumbing to the alluring sound of the West. Tangkilin ang sariling likha na awitin ng mga musikerong pinoy sa Radio Pilipinas-Radio ng MasangPilipino.

See the latest on Linangan Ng Kulturang Pilipino - 1pm-3pm – Saturdays

IndiSoul - Give Life a TRANCE is arguably the best channel globally for Electronic Dance Music. The radio show, based on the internet radio format, is iNdiSoUL's effort to let the listeners get exposed to the awesome talent there is to be heard, thus the second hour of the show always has a guestmixer, who is an amazing talent from the Psy scene.

Give Life a TRANCE has been running successfully since July 2010 and got a slot on DI.fm (Digitally Imported Radio) to start hosting the show on the channel from January, 2011. The radio show has seen a swarm of listeners for each episode. iNdiSoUL's selection, mixing, flow and energy has appealed label owners which saw him getting signed onto Freakquency Buzz Records in mid 2009, to Namaha Records in mid 2010 and to Universal Dance Records towards the end of 2010.

See the latest on Give Life a Trance - 3am - 5am – 2nd Mondays of the Month

XGS - X Marks the G Spot - Gundams, Cartoons, Sci-Fi and stuff, anything under the sun (or the moon for that matter), and All-original songs by premier Indie Bands, plus a few familiar ones in the mix.

See the latest on XGS - 11pm - 1am – Tuesdays and Thursdays

THe Wolf's Den Radio Show - Wolf Gemora is the founding member of Wolfgang and active active member from 1992 to 2002. He is presently the drummer for 3 Headed Dog. WDRS was started in August of 2009.

See the latest on The Wolf's Den Radio SHow - 11pm - 1am – Saturdays


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